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Our company began at the end of 2009 with the Specialist in Cosmetology and Aesthetics Jorgelina KLOSS dedicated to the attention and sale to the public of skin care products. In 2017 we started with the subdistribution of EXEL products in our area and we also understood that e-commerce was the best way to address our customers in Argentina, adding this business model to our commercial portfolio so NetCreams was born .

Earlier this year we noticed a large increase in visits from Americans interested in our products. In this way we have been associated in the United States with the best skin care and e-commerce specialist Laura Ramos Skin Care, based in Doral Miami, worldwide center of offices throughout Latin America and the world! is born so that NetCreams customers can access our products in a fast and safe way.

USANetCreams is our newest project and we want to welcome you. Our goal is to offer the most surprising skin care products made in Latin America to the US market and in the future to the world.

We are perfectly organized to prepare and send many thousands of orders each month. All orders are shipped from Miami and we have the technology to send your order in a very short time, no matter where you are. And our shipping costs are really low. Finally, these incredible products are available to everyone and not just to the lucky few!

United States specialized in skin care and electronic commerce. We select the best and most exclusive skin care products made in America for our clients around the world. No matter where you are, you can now enjoy our selection of premium creams, serums, miks, exfoliants, tonics and balms.

EXEL Biocosmetics

Argentina is famous for its monuments, beautiful cities, beaches and wonderful food, as well as for its friendly people. But, in reality, we are much more than that. Among the treasures you have to offer to the world, you will find some of the best and most refined skin care products. The province of Buenos Aires is home to specialized laboratories that dedicate great human, scientific, economic and technological efforts to develop the most innovative anti-aging skin care and cosmetic solutions in the world. Biocosmetica Exel manufactures its products, near the Pampas, Mesopotamia and Patagonia regions; all of them are considered among the most fertile, unpolluted and pristine areas in the world. This situation facilitates access to the best raw materials and natural ingredients possible.

Founded at the end of the eighties, Biocosmetica Exel has expanded constantly since then. This growth has always been based on biotechnology research applied to the development of ingredients for skin care that could be used to create refined, highly effective creams, serums and balms for professional beauticians. The philosophy of the company can be summarized as the perfect harmony of “quality and service”. Since Exel was established, every year hundreds of beauty professionals around the world have added Exel products to the anti-aging treatments they offer in exclusive spas, salons and clinics.

Exel beauty products are manufactured using the most advanced standards of biotechnology and quality control. As a unit and manufacturer of R & D for skin care, Biocosmetica Exel complies with GMP regulations. Each Exel shampoo, serum, balm and shampoo contains high-quality natural ingredients conveniently contained in nanostructures, such as liposomes, for a targeted delivery that dramatically increases anti-aging efficacy. Exel products contain minimal amounts of preservatives and surfactants as possible. Actually they comply with all international regulations (FDA, CEE, Health Canada, ANMAT, ANVISA). Biocosmetica Exel is an ISO 9001 certified company and they are exported to 25 countries, including the United States!

Aware that protecting the environment means preserving its future, Exel’s R & D Department develops skin care products, such as famous anti-aging creams worldwide, anti-cellulite gels and cleansing creams that combine natural and biotechnological elements to guarantee excellence in skin care with an ecological touch.

Our products are not the usual solutions for skin care. They are not manufactured, designed or developed by huge multinational laboratories that invest hundreds of millions of dollars in advertising every year. On the contrary, our products are niche anti-aging, moisturizing and revitalizing creations of the highest quality. Our suppliers can focus on researching highly specific active ingredients because they do not really need to build an economy of scale. Your benefit does not come from the big sales, but from the huge customer satisfaction. Most of our brands are intended to be used in both the best beauty salons and at home
In a world where nature and technology often clash, Exel Biocosmetics Argentina creates state-of-the-art skin care products with natural active ingredients that are environmentally friendly and, at the same time, offer the best solutions to maintain our skin healthy and beautiful. .

Discover what biotechnology can do for your skin.

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